Neon Pigment Powder

Neon Pigment Powder

Neon Pigment Powders are brighter than normal pigment.  They are truly versatile and bold colours.  Although they could not glow in the dark, they are extremely vivid and visible colours.  These multi-purpose Neon Powders are ideal for ideal for DIY craft use such as in soap making, candle making, nail art design, epoxy resin, nail polish, and more.

In soap making, Neon Pigment Powders are stable in cold process, hot process and melt and pour for achieving those clean and colourful swirls!

Mix the Neon Pigment Powders with Mica Powder for creating your own unique colour of Eyeshadow and Nail Polish.

Not sure what colour you should get for your project? We offer individual samples for our Neon Pigment Powder that come in 5g bags, or you can get all our Neon Pigment colours as a Samples Pack.

Have you used our Neon Pigment Powder in making your craft project? If so, tell us what you think!