Q. Are your products REACH registered?

A. Yes.  Our manufacturers have fulfilled all the REACH requirements.

Q. Are your products are free from animal-testing?

A. Yes. Our manufacturers have provided us with written statements / declaration that no animal testing has been done. Also, the ingredients in our pigments have been around for a very long time and there would be no need for further testing. You can find more info at our Animal Testing Policy.

Q. Are your product Vegan?

A. Yes. We do not offer products that contain animal by-product ingredients in them.  Please refer to the MSDS on our website for the ingredients composition for the product of your interest.

Q. Are your pigments stable for Hot and Cold Process Soap?

A.  Most of our Mica powder colours contain Iron Oxide, and/or Ultramarine, Manganese or Chromium Green Oxide. Mica powder is easy to disperse into all soap and is most dramatic in clear soaps and they will best highlight the pearl effect. All Mica pigments are colour stable in all soapmaking processes with the exception of those that contain Manganese Violet which will turn brown in an alkaline solution.

Q. Are your pigments are suitable to apply as an eyeshadow makeup on their own, or use them in formulating eyeshadow?

A. All our micas are suitable to be used in formualting makeup as they are cosmetic grade.  However, using them on their own as eyeshadow may not work as they are just raw powder i.e. they are not a dye.   

If you are planning to sell any of our raw pigments as Eyeshadow, in compliance with the EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations you must have them certified, otherwise it is illegal.  

Can you tell me what is the country of origin of your product? 

A. We source our products from different suppliers around the world. 

Can I sell your mica powders and pigments as makeup, for example, eyeshadow?

A. Our mica powders and pigments are suitable as raw ingredients in formulation of makeup.   If you are planning to sell mica powders and pigments as a makeup such as as eyeshadow, before you can make it commercially available , you must get it assessed and certified in compliance with the EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations, otherwise it is against the law.  Please make sure are fully familiar with this as tons of information is available on internet about the EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations requirements. 

Q. Can you help me with using micas in formulation of my soap making?

A. Sorry, we are not expert in soap making, also we do not provide formulation service.  For this reason, we always recommend purchasing our sample size product to experiment.