Matte Pigment Powder

Matte Pigment Powder


What Is Pigment Powder?

Pigment powder is very similar to powdered chalk, as it is a ground-up colour in powder format. They do not posses any lustrous properties like Mica Powder, which is why they are called Matte Pigments.   The Pigments identify as the individual colour themselves come in an assortment of shades with names such as red iron oxide, magenta, titanium white and ultramarine blue, just to name a few.

Pigment Powder Usage and Applications

Our Matte Pigment Powders are cosmetic grade, which means they can be used in a variety of DIY personal care applications for adding wonderful colour and shine such as eyeshadow, lipstick, lipgloss, lip balms, shampoo, creams, etc. , and any Arts and Craft projects.


Have you used any of our Matte Pigment Powder in making Soap or Cosmetics or any craft making? If so, tell us what you think!


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Iron Oxide Black Pigment

£1.45 / pack(s)

Titanium Dioxide

£1.45 / pack(s)

Iron Oxide Red Pigment

£1.45 / pack(s)

Iron Oxide Yellow Pigment

£1.45 / pack(s)

Chromium Oxide Green

£1.75 / pack(s)

Ultramarine Pink Pigment

£1.95 / pack(s)

Ultramarine Violet Pigment

£1.50 / pack(s)

Ultramarine Blue Pigment

£1.35 / pack(s)

Manganese Violet

£1.50 / pack(s)