Q. Are your products REACH registered?

A. Yes.  Our manufacturers have fulfilled all the REACH requirements and have the relevant paper trail to document it. 

Q. Are your products are free from animal-testing?

A. Our manufacturers have provided us with written statements that no animal testing has been done. Also, the ingredients in our pigments have been around for a very long time and there would be no need for further testing.

Q. Are your product Vegan?

A. Yes. We do not offer products that contain animal by-product.

Q. Can I use your pigments for Automotive paint or water colors?

A. Yes. Our pigments are popular for both automotive paint, watercolors and general paint applications. For water colors you need a fixative as the powder will flake off after the paint has dried.

Q. Are your pigments stable for Hot and Cold Process Soap?

A.  Most of our Mica powder colours contain Iron Oxide, and/or Ultramarine, Manganese or Chromium Green Oxide. Mica powder is easy to disperse into all soap and is most dramatic in clear soaps and they will best highlight the pearl effect. All Mica pigments are colour stable in all soapmaking processes with the exception of those that contain Manganese Violet which will turn brown in an alkaline solution.