Mica Powder - Olive Green 100A

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Our multipurpose Mica Powder is truly versatile colourant that you can use in your soap making, epoxy resin, lip gloss, bath bombs, nail art, slime, aroma beads, wax melts and more. All you need is inspiration and our mica powder!


GREEN MICA POWDER FOR EPOXY RESIN: Make impressive works of art with our brilliant red pearl pigment! Simply stir mica into your combined resin and hardener. For large projects, add mica to a small amount in a cup and mix well before adding to your main batch.

GREEN MICA POWDER FOR SOAP MAKING: Add rich, vibrant color to Melt and Pour and Cold Process soap. Our micas are heat-resistant for less dye migration and more accurate results!

GREEN MICA POWDER FOR BATH BOMBS: Mica Powder will provide bolder and richer results than liquid soap colourant in your bath bombs. Add Polysorbate 80 to your bath bomb mix to prevent residue in the bathtub at a ratio of 1:2 to your oil ingredients. 

GREEN MICA POWDER FOR CANDLES & WAX MELTS: Add a pinch of mica to your melted wax for dazzling, shimmery colour. To avoid clogging the wick, do not exceed 1/8 tsp mica per 8 ounces melted wax. Stir continuously until ready to pour.

GREEN MICA POWDER FOR LIP GLOSS: Create your shimmery, sheer lip gloss! For best results, add mica to your oils before combining with your lip gloss base. Mix and match pigments to make your own custom colours!

GREEN MICA POWDER FOR NAILS: Make your own nail polish by mixing mica with clear nail polish base. Our micas can also be brushed onto gel polish for unique nail designs or combined with clear acrylic dip for DIY nail dip powder!

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