Mica Powder For Making Soap

Mica Powder For Making Soap


Micas are fun and easy to work with for making soap because the ranges go way beyond the rainbow and mixing colours creates even more unique and beautiful shades and brilliant colour effects.  

Mica Powser is good pick for soap making because of its adaptability to different mediums.  It remains stable in the cold processing of the soap. For this, you will require Mica powder, water, rubbing alcohol. While creating the melt for your soap, add the power in gradual proportions. You can spray rubbing alcohol on any bubbles that rise to the top. Mix everything well and pour the soap into the mold. Many use ½ teaspoon per pound of the melt to obtain a transparent melt, which usually works the best.

As most of our Mica colours contain Iron Oxides, it makes it easy to disperse into all soap, highlighting the pearl effect.  Our Mica Powders are colour stable in all soap making processes with the exception of those that contain Manganese Violet which will turn brown in an alkaline solution.

Have you used our Mica Pigments in your soap making project? If so, tell us what you think!

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