Sericite Mica - Plain

Sericite Mica - Plain

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Natural matte Sericite Mica without glitter effect from the mineral Muscovite Mica (potassium aluminum silicate). Off white free-flowing powder, translucent , matt & colourless. Insoluble but miscible in water.

Properties: Filler & texturiser for improved skin feel, increases slip & aids skin adhesion, acts as bulking agent in emulsions, reduces greasiness of oil-containing formulas, can replace talc as filler, anti-caking properties.

Use: Add as is to formulas, typical use levels: 10-40% when used as filler, 3-6% when used to reduce greasiness of oil-containing products. For external use only.

Applications: Loose & pressed makeup powders, colour cosmetics (lipsticks, eye cosmetics), creams, lotions.

Ingredients Composition: Mica


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