Travel Interference / Duochrome Mica Powder

Travel Interference / Duochrome Mica Powder


Interference or Duochrome Micas are transclucent powder made of mica coated with titanium dioxide. The most interesting nature of this powder is that they are angle dependent; when you look at them they appear more white, but if look at them at different angles or rub them onto your skin or make them wet, you will see glorious irridescent hues within them.

The presence of the difference colours is due to the thickness / layers of the titanium dioxide or iron oxide deposited onto mica particles, and therefore, when ligt strikes the surface of these particles, the result is the reflection of various wonderful colours. 

The Interference pigments may have other trade names such as "hilites" or "intervals". 

When working with these Interference Micas, it is important to know that they can be mixed with other colours, but if blended with a white based colours, the interference effect will be duluted, and therefore will disappear. On the other hand, if mixed with with darker colours that are normally absorb light rather than reflect, they will make a wonderful variety of iridescent colours.  You will see amazing effects in creating nail polishes and lipquid bade products.

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